Monday, May 12, 2008

April GNO

Last month's GNO was here at my house, and since all of us GNO gals are turning or have turned 30 this year, I decided to make it a Birthday Pajama Party! We ate some yummy dinner (thanks to my wonderful husband), had birthday cupcakes, played games, and, of course, chatted for HOURS!!!I always have a great time with these girls. It's so fun to visit with my fellow Bulldogs about life, kids, family, husbands, food, vacations, movies, American Idol...the list goes on and on! I think it's funny that our group consists of TWO Joanna's, TWO Jill's, TWO Mindy's, and TWO Heather's (along with some other not-so-commonly-named ladies! Here we are playing "Name That Tune" to some of our favorite "flashback to high school" songs. Way to go, Ju! You're the ultimate champ! (By the way, girlies, if you're still interested in getting a list of the songs we used, let me know!)I realized too late that giving the camera to Allison and Jill will make for some fun pictures. This is just one of many silly ones...(Good thing they're so gorgeous, even up close and personal!)Lacey and Joanna chillin' with their yummy brownies!On this night, LaShon announced that she is PREGNANT! Yay, LaShon! Way to go, Ralph! :o) AND, besides LaShon, we have 4 other girls (is that right?) in our group that are prego...although by now, I'm thinking Julie has had her baby. (Does anyone know?) Angie came late, but we were happy she came at all! We missed a few of our other "regulars" and hope they can make it to GNO this month!I LOVE these girls! They inspire me to be a better person, a better mom, and a better homemaker (you should see each of their homes! BEAUTIFUL!!!) Can't wait to do it all again in just a couple weeks!