Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Falling behind!

This blogging thing is great, but I'm still figuring it out, so bear with me! Since I didn't add any pictures to my last post, I thought I should do a whole bunch this time. I'll starting with the most recent happenings and looking back through our week, so here it goes:

This first picture is one I took just this morning of Amelia. Today is the first day I was able to put her hair up in a little "thing" on top of her head. It's tiny, I know, but so fun that she has enough hair to do anything with at this point. She's such a happy girl! Her favorite thing to do lately has been to just lie on the floor with a couple of toys around her. She much prefers this to sitting in her swing or bouncy seat. We think she might eventually be an early crawler because she can really move! I laid her on the floor yesterday, left the room for a second, and when I came back in, I found her sucking on the bottom of our bed skirt. So funny!

My big kids had so much fun last night while their daddy was at a meeting. Christian was being super silly and I've never heard BJ laugh so much for so long! This picture is of BJ pressing his face up against the screen door. He did this for so long, I thought that his nose would be permanently squashed! They were so happy, it was a little sad to try to settle them down for bedtime! They've spent much more time outside since we got our new puppy, Meg. They love to chase her and have her chase them. It's so great for them and they are always exhausted by the time the day is over, so I'm happy!

Speaking of the new puppy, here's a picture of her. We got her about 2 weeks ago and we've enjoyed her so much! Her name is Megabyte, but the kids decided to just call her Meg. This picture shows how tiny she is (she's sleeping on Christian's shoe). She's officially Christian's dog, but all of the kids love to play with her and take care of her. Even Amelia likes her! We're currently trying to house-train her, so if anyone has any great ideas, please pass them along to us. We can use all the help we can get!

Here's another picture of BJ. He has found that squirt bottles are the greatest toys EVER! He played outside the other day all by himself for at least an hour, just jumping on the trampoline and squirting. He even got a blister on his trigger finger! But that didn't slow him down at all! He is able to find joy in almost anything. And he's been so agreeable lately. His only "requests" of me in the last few days have been "WATCH, Mom, watch!" and then he performs some kind of cool trick. What a joy!

We are busy this week making the most of Abbie's birthday week. She will turn 8 on Friday and is excited to have a birthday party with a few of her friends. She's also super excited to be able to be baptized next month. (September 8th, to be exact.) It's hard for Laren and me to believe that eight full years have passed since she was our new little baby! Wow! We are getting old!

Well, that's it for this week. I hope to keep blogging weekly, but my record so far isn't very good. As the title of this post suggests, I feel like I'm falling behind in everything in my life, including my blog. So, if I can do a posting twice a month, I'll be happy with myself.

If any of you out there have your own blogs, forward the addresses on to me and we can link them all together (but only if someone can tell me how! I'm clueless!).