Saturday, August 23, 2008

Superly Super Week!

Our week has been chock-full of fun! And since I remembered to take my camera around with me, I thought I'd share some pix of this week's events, starting with today and going backwards. Here we go:

I think this might be one of the best pictures ever taken of our sweet Mia. It captures her beautiful smile and...wait a minute...what's that I see in her eyes? Could it be a little bit of mischief?Oh, now I remember what she was doing during that shot...That's right, folks. Mia just couldn't resist getting into the bathtub with her big bro, BJ...fully dressed! She likes to keep me on my toes!

Earlier today, my parents joined us for a few fun-filled hours of blanching, dicing, chopping, filling and boiling.We ended up bottling 17 quarts of peaches and 33 pints of homemade salsa. And the best part is that ALL of the ingredients were from our own backyard! Yay!

Last night my great friend, Heather, and I went to a couple Education Week classes at BYU. It was so fun for two SAHM's who needed some inspiration and a little "alone" time. I can't wait to go again next year!
Okay, the rest of the week is to be continued...stay tuned!


Jennifer said...

Are you serious?!!! You already know how to make homemade salsa. Jon & I have been searching the web for a great recipe. We have over a dozen tomato plants producing like crazy with hopes to put away some pasta sauce and salsa. We've made some fresh. We've frozen some puree. And then I've been trying to give away fresh tomatoes like crazy because - a - we have had other things on our mind besides salsa.

But since I'm thinking about it again, will you share you recipe. Do you use the steamer canner with yours or a pressure cooker. I only have the former.

David and Tia Palmer said...

I am so jealous! I wish I could have joined you 2 for some fun! Looks like lots of fun canning-what a domestic goddess! Miss you guys-Love Tia

Mindy said...

Jo, Mia looks so much like YOU and my JANE put together. Wow! That first picture made me gasp! She's a beauty! Seeing you all together canning made me feel a little homesick suddenly. It won't be long now!

Kelly said...

No way Super Mom! You look like you had a Great week! Way to go on canning! Your little girl is So Darling she looks just like you in that first photo. Lucky Girl!

Team Hanni said...

Yeah!!!!!! Your peaches are beautiful and salsa looks soooooo good! I wish I had all that help while canning. What fun! Those will look beautiful on your shelves - I love the peace of mind when the bottles are full. Way to go!