Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Nap?

Amelia has given up her morning nap within the last month or so. Still, each day she struggles to be happy and stay awake until after lunchtime when her afternoon nap rolls around. Yesterday she seemed a little tired and cranky, so I thought I'd try the morning nap, just in case.

It was nice! I was able to do "school" with BJ and his friend, Haven. I taught all about the letter "P". I even made Peanut butter Play-doh and Printed Pictures for them to color. All without any baby in my arms. I was worried that she wouldn't sleep for her regular afternoon nap, so I woke her up a little before 11 am and we played and played.

At around 12:30, I laid her down for her nap, knowing that she might not be too happy about it. She fussed for a while, so I gave up and pulled her out of bed. She didn't really seem like she wanted to play, so I changed her diaper on the floor and then turned on a short movie for her to watch. She didn't move from her spot after the diaper change. I kept checking on her to see her enthralled in the movie, but pretty soon, I heard her snoring. This is what I found...If you know my kids, you know that this type of relaxation NEVER happens in front of a movie! I repeat, NEVER! That's why I had to snap a picture of it...who knows when it will ever happen again?


Kelly said...

That's how I feel right now! It has been a WILD Sunday! I want a Nap!

David and Tia Palmer said...

What a great happening! And what a little cutie pie! We would ABSOLUTELLY love to see you if you make it this way for Christmas! Keep us posted-we'll meet ya wherever you need! We miss you guys!

Judy said...

Just when you think you have them figured out . . . Sweet picture, Joanna.