Sunday, August 17, 2008

9 years old!

Today is Abbie's 9th birthday! Can you believe it...9!?!?! It seems like she just turned 8 four weeks ago! She has always been "my big girl", but now she's truly a big girl. It makes me physically sick to think that in just 9 more years she'll be off to college! And (as my parents kindly pointed out last night at dinner) 9 years after that and she may have 4 kids of her own! Yikes! Okay...that's the last time I'm going to think about that today!Maren Abigail Hawkins ("Abbie") is one of the best people in this world, truly! She is always concerned about other people's feelings and does her best to make everyone around her happy. She is a very loyal person and extremely loving. She loves her iPod, her books, and having quiet time without any brothers, but mostly just loves having fun with her family! We sure love having her around! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABBIE!


jaci said...

i really CAN'T believe it!! just yesterday she was that little, beautiful baby..and then we were little buddies when you lived up here...and all of the sudden she is so big!! I love you, Abbie! You are so beautiful, inside and out!

Heather S. said...

Happy Birthday, Abbie! You were born on our 3 year anniversary. What a great day!

Heather S. said...

You've been "TAGGED!"

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cat+tadd said...

No way! Was it really about 5 years ago that I taught her in CTR 5? She's grown up so fast, and she's so beautiful! Happy birthday Abbie!

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

We LOVE you, Abbie! You are a treasure to us!