Friday, February 8, 2008

Only 2 months behind!

I know I'm late. But I also know that I promised that I would post pictures from Christmas at our house, so here I am following through with that promise. I know the magical Christmas feeling is much lessened now that it's February, but just bear with me!Here's BJ with his horsey, cowboy hat, and sword. He also got holsters and six-shooters, but wasn't very enamored with them. Since Christmas, this poor hat has been chewed to bits and thrown out.We were thrilled to be able to share our wonderful Christmas with Jesse and Danielle. They were such fun with us and endured constant "hanging on" by the kids. They never complained about the lack of quiet in the house, even though we knew they would have rather done a little more of this...
Mimi and Abbie enjoyed a Christmas day nap as well. Notice Abbie's new iDog in her hands!
Christian and BJ loved their Spiderman jammies/costumes from Mimi & Papa. And Christian didn't mind me taking a picture of his coolest superhero pose!Amelia loved the presents she got, especially her new Zoobie Pet, but her favorite part about Christmas morning was the fact that so many people were there to make her smile!I love this picture of my cute mom and Mia. They are the best of friends and really share a special bond!

So there you have it. I could add more pictures, but that would mean finding my old camera and downloading the pictures from it onto my computer...and, honestly, I'm tired. So there.


Mindy said...

I LOVE the Christmas photos! Christian's pose is awesome. I think we'll have to bring Jack's when we come so they can be super hero buddies. Mia is DARLING and I love to see her and mom together. Thanks for going back, as promised! Love you, Jo.