Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cache Rocks!

We love Cache County!

It is where we:
moved when Abbie was 8 months old
bought and finished our beautiful "sun" home
had our second baby, Christian
finished Laren's bachelor's degree
were hired by CES
lived in a hotel
sent Abbie to preschool

It's also the place that Abbie chose to do her "County Fair" report. Researching that fabulous county, we learned much that we didn't know and now we consider ourselves professional Cache County lovers!Here she is explaining different places of interest to fellow students. She had all the right answers!We sure hope we get an A on this project!Don't get us wrong...we love Utah County as well, but there will always be a little piece of our hearts "cached" in Cache County!


jaci said...

way to go, abbie! it looks like an awesome project. jo, i love how you say, "we" get an A. it's reality - school projects are always a family affair. love it! come up to cache anytime to visit us!