Friday, September 14, 2007

Cousins Are the Best!

I thought I'd just post a few of my favorite pictures of my kids with some of their cousins!

We enjoyed having our cousin Derek (Sharla's oldest) with us this last weekend. The kids adore him! And he was such a great sport with all of them! Jumping on the trampoline and playing Nintendo are just a couple of the fun things they did together!

I love this picture that was taken this summer of Abbie and her cute cousin Faith (Vanessa's 2nd). They are wearing matching dresses give to them by Aunt Mindy, brought over from Thailand. Aren't they beautiful?...both the dresses and the girls!

This picture was taken this summer up in Park City during our Rich Family Reunion. 10 grandkids and Mimi & Papa still look GREAT! We sure do love all these sweet people!

Faith just went crazy over baby Amelia. She was a sweet little "mother" to her and enjoyed every second of it, as you can see by her sweet expression!

Wow! Cute Faith was in a lot of our favorite pictures! Here she is with Christian at Temple Square. We had a fun day being "tourists" and seeing all the things we don't normally take the time to see.

We had so much fun with ALL our cousins this summer! Thanks for the memories! We hope to make more of them soon! We love you all!


Mindy said...

We LOVE cousins! Thanks for sharing those darling pictures! I LOVE that video of BJ, classic!

Jennifer said...

oh, I meant to say that I like how you have that cute list of favorite things about you and your family. Good idea. Have you done the 100 list before? I think I might give that a go when I get around to it.