Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Sweetie and Me


In just a few weeks, Laren and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary! 12 YEARS!

And a week or so later, we get to meet our new baby girl and welcome her to our family.

FIVE kids -- a family of SEVEN!


Lots can change in 12 years' time!
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Team Hanni said...

12 years???? I just realized we will be celebrating #12 this year too. Seriously - when did this happen?

Yeah for a baby girl!!! Your girls are so lucky to have sisters! We are so happy for you!

P.S. after the move we are leaving for Seattle. Jeff's brother is getting married the 25th of July and his sister is getting married the 8th of August. BUMMER!

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

That is such a darling picture of both of you! You look like newlyweds! Who would think that you are SO OLD! (wink)

Kelly said...

WOW! I would say you have been one busy lady... Lots of Happiness in 12 years! With many more to come!
Good Luck with your New little one! I can't wait to see some photos!