Friday, January 25, 2008

First "Stages" of our Life Together

While we were in Rexburg this last weekend, we really enjoyed being able to visit some of the places that were special to Laren and me when we were going to school there SO long ago. We drove by many of the restaurants and grocery stores we would frequent and saw our old apartment buildings. Even though the city has changed quite a bit, it seemed we had stories about most everything we saw. But, by far, our favorite places to visit were the Snow and the Kirkham Buildings. The Snow Building was where I spent most of my waking hours in my year at Ricks College. I worked in the Music Office there, took music classes, practiced in the practice rooms, and performed on the stage. Here we are on said stage...Next we headed over to the Kirkham Building. This stage is the exact point where Laren and I first saw each other. I was playing (guitar...crazy, huh?) with the band and Laren was dancing in front of us with the rest of the dancers. He looked at me, gave me a big smile, and kept on dancing. He says he fell in love at first sight. Personally, it took me a little bit longer to be charmed, but it happened eventually and, as they say, the rest is history!Also in this same building is the room where we first sat beside each other. Somewhere in my mess of old photos I have a picture of Laren, my sis Vanessa, and me sitting in this room together. I'll find it, I'm sure. Here is the "now" photo, taken by Abbie.Okay, one more "memories" picture. During the first or second week of our dating, my parents were up in Rexburg staying at the CottonTree Inn. Those of you who have been in this hotel know that there is a porch-type swing by their swimming pool. I vividly remember sitting on this swing with Laren when our relationship was very new and exciting. As it turns out, when I "Pricelined" our hotel for last weekend, it was this same hotel that our offer was accepted at. So, going along with the spirit of our walk down Memory Lane, we made a point to visit "our swing". (Picture courtesy of Abbie again.)(If you're wondering why Amelia looks a little out of it in these pictures, it's because she didn't sleep well during any part of the trip...bummer for us all! Also, I realize some of these pictures are dark and hard to see. Sorry about that. Just smile and nod.)

The kids had a blast swimming in the hotel pool...and Mia's favorite part was seeing herself in the mirror. Thanks for sticking with me on this lovey-dovey blog post. I tried to keep the cheesy things to a minimum so you wouldn't throw up a little bit in your mouth while reading. I feel lucky to have been able to visit these fun places and even MORE lucky to have such a fantastic husband and great kids 11 years later! Who would have thought?


Jennifer said...

I love the lovey-dovey, cheesy, memory lane type posts. Abbie is going to make a fine photographer. What a fun trip to take with the family.

Jill said...

oh Jo I remember you coming down for homecoming and saying you were dating someone seriously, I thought you were crazy! Then what do you know I get married even sooner than you so I guess we were both crazy! So glad we are both lucky to have great guys. Way fun trip. I feel for ya on the baby sleep...I hate hotels with hard to get good sleep for everyone!

Adri said...

I remember swimming in that motel pool when your parents were visiting Rexburg. Sorry I don't remember the significance of the swing :) I believe you, though!

Mindy said...

Jo, I LOVED seeing the Kirkham and Snow buildings! Did you see the new concert hall? I just emailed back and forth with Bro. Call a bit, sounds like life is good up there. SO glad you got to go see it in person! Love you!

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

Oh, what a fun blog, Jo.
Didn't we have fun up there in Rexburg! Although, I was not the loving sister that I should have been, I am so happy that we could travel to Europe together!
Love ya,

Team Hanni said...

I love this post. This is the Jo and Laren I remember, and love so much! I'm so glad you got to come back up here. I guess it was so sentimental to us that we moved to almost the end of the earth to be sort of close to Rexburg. Fun times, awesome memories, and I'm so lucky to know BOTH of you!