Thursday, December 20, 2007

Savvy shopping!

I just got involved in coupon-shopping about a month and a half ago and have already saved hundreds of dollars! It's so great! Here is a receipt that shows one of the BEST shopping trips EVER! It's hard to see, I know. It shows that I purchased 6 bags of Sunsweet Raisins and 2 Gillette Razors. Check out the total! $2.90!!!! And look at the coupons tendered amount! $31.94!! Awesome!

If anyone is interested in finding out HOW I've been lucky enough to find these great deals, just ask! I'm happy to pass these savings along to YOU!
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Mindy said...

Jo, you are awesome! When I move back, I definitely want some tips! For now, I've accepted paying $5 for a jar of peanut butter. Ugh.

Team Hanni said...

SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I love a great deal. You did awesome!

Fay said...

Joanna, share your tips!

Kami said...

We'd love to hear. I don't usually shop at Albertson's, but I hear that's the place to go for "couponing." My question is--is it possible if you don't get the newspaper? Or, if you don't buy a lot of brand-name things? I'd love to chat with you about it.